The Monday night club runs from 5.30 – 7.30 and is held in the youth and community rooms at West Faversham Community Centre.  The club night is run by Johnathan. Kelly and Laura help everyone to get involved in the activities and Debbie and Justine do great art projects.  Each term there is a theme that the club looks at, at present they are looking at the Chinese New Year. They are learning to write their names in Chinese, look at a puppet show, make a dragon, taste local Chinese food and much more.  Some of the young people from other club nights come to help out at this club supporting by doing the tuck shop and helping with the food preparation.  It’s always a lively fun atmosphere.  The club is specifically for those with a disability and caters for those who are aged 11 – 25 and tries to support any special requirement so all can join.